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The Beginning

"I, Reverend Mee Hyun Yoo, started to devote myself as a missionary when I was studying abroad in Britain.


During prayer time, 12AM on March 5th, 1994, the love and the grace of the precious blood of Jesus Christ on the cross moved towards the lost spirits of Africa. The Holy Spirit told me to spread the message of God across Africa. I was told to build up a theological school, establish churches, which is the body of Christ, and nuture servants of God in Africa. God ordered me to spread the Holy Fire across Africa.


During my prayers, the words of the Epistle to the Hebrews, Chapter 11, Verse 16 were engraved in my heart:


          “Now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed                        to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them”. 


These words burnt my spirit, soul, body, joints, and marrows. This was an order from God which could not be challenged by mankind.


In the beginning of May, pastor Jeong Mee Yoo saw illusions in her dreams for three days. In the early dewy dawn, an angel brought my wife to a town, where there were people of the African continent gathered around. Standing in front of them, a sparkle of light came down from the Heaven and God spoke to my wife, pastor Jeong Mee Yoo, “Preach the Gospel after marrying them.”


After such signficant illusions, dreams, and messages, we gave up our personal thoughts and future plans to fully devote ourselves to the mission work of God.


With the love of Jesus towards the lost spirits, the influence of the Holy Spirit, and the almighty hand of God, we were prepared to be an instrument of God for missionary work."



Reverend Mee Hyun Yoo

President of The Bible College of Ghana






July 28, 1994

By the guiding of the Holy Spirit, a survey trip is taken to Ghana for two weeks by Reverend Mee Hyun Yoo. In his journey, he contracted an uncompleted building that God promised to give through God's grace (Hebrew 11:16).


May 1995 

The first mission church was built at Mansofa and up to date (Year 2013) 60 more churches are built in Ghana.


August 21, 1997 

The Bible College of Ghana is registered under the Ghana Government Act through the Registrar General Department.


October 4, 1997 

By the support of Mullae-Dong Holiness Church (Pastor Joung-Jo Kang), Bethel Prayer Center (Board Member Jong-Jik Jeong, and Missionary Jeong Mee Yoo, The Bible College of Ghana has its first opening ceremony.


March 18, 2002 

The Bible College of Ghana is approved by the Ghana Education Service to operate officially as a registered educational institution.


April 13, 2004 

The Bible College of Ghana becomes affiliated with Sung Kyul University of South Korea.


April 17 2009 

The Bible College of Ghana becomes affiliated with Kosin University of South Korea.


July 2012 

The Bible College of Ghana hosts its 14th graduation ceremony at the College Chapel.



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"May the inspiration of the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all forever. Amen."

The History


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