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The Recruiting Team at The Bible College of Ghana welcomes students from all over the world to apply to its two or three year program. 



Why The Bible College of Ghana?


Academics. The Bible College of Ghana (TBCG) is an academic institution that is guided by its mission to provide excellence in Chrisitan education by putting Christ and the Bible at the center of all activities. The Bible and theology are the integrated core for all programs. 


Church-Planting. TBCG and the Jesus Mission Foundation assist graduate students plant churches in the rural and urban communities of Ghana. 


Network. Through TBCG and the Jesus Mission Foundation, you become part of a large network that includes thousands of Christian followers and supporters from four different continents. 


Scholarship. All accepted students at TBCG are given a scholarship. Through this scholarship, students are given free tuition, boarding and lodging facilties until the end of their respective programs.




For more information, please visit the Program, Tuition & Financial Aid and Application Page. Please click here to learn more about The Bible College of Ghana.





Reverend Mee Hyun Yoo


President of The Bible College of Ghana

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