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Raising Pastors

Through spirituality training, acquisition of Biblical knowledge, moral education,and a challenging curriculum, the Bible College of Ghana focuses on creating servants of God.



Church Planting

To spread Christian beliefs across Ghana, the Bible College of Ghana focuses on establishing churches. The Jesus Mission Church Foundation was created by the Bible College of Ghana to support this mission. 



Social Development

The Bible of College of Ghana believes in improving and supporting the society. Through this mission, many farms, schools, orphanges, and social development projects have been completed.

The Bible College of Ghana (TBCG) is an academic institution that focuses on teaching the Words of God. TBCG maintains a high standard for Biblical excellence through the vital integration of scholarship and spiritual revelation. The aim of the college is to help develop men and women holistically – in the areas of spiritual maturity, good moral and ethical training, intellectual capability, socio-cultural awareness, vocational fulfillment and service to God and man. 


Motto: "Holiness unto the Lord"


TBCG provides two courses: a two year certificate course and a three year diploma course. There are three terms in an academic year and each term covers a period of three months. All students live in a dormitory for devotional training, fasting, and praying. Each student must take 22 credits every semester. 


Accredition and Afflications

The Bible College of Ghana is a recognized and registered institution with the Ghana Education Service Act as a Tertiary Instiution (Higher Education).


To support and provide students with an environment of wholesome living, relationship building activites, social and cultural opportunity, and recreational activity, the Bible College of Ghana has partnered with


  • Koshin University (South Korea)

  • Sung Kyul Christian University (South Korea)

Students and faculty members are eligible to participate in courses and tours conducted by the respective institutions - students and faculty exchange program.



Main Building:

Administrative Rooms, Class Lecture Halls, Conference Room, Dining Hall, Dormitory (Capactiy 100), Faculty's Bungalow, Guest Rooms, Library, Prayer Room, Professor's Lounge, Student Study Room.


Outside the Main Building:

Bathroom, Chapel, Garden, Kitchen, Shower Rooms, and Small Soccer Field.


We are looking forward to produce effective ministers who will minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, relying on prayer and complete trust in the word of God. In this task, we dare not rely on our own understanding and strength or wisdom but on the Holy Spirit of God to guide our steps to bring the vision to pass (Proverbs 3: 5-6).

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